Practice Areas

Our experience and passion for justice and the law


Rabasha Golekanye Lawyers provides services in the following areas of law:.

Criminal defence (bail applications, court appearances, trials)

General/Civil litigation (Court Trials)

Dispute Resolution (alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and Arbitration

Family law (maintenance, divorces, child custody and access)

Employment/ Labour related matters (disciplinary hearings, Labour Court)

Drafting of wills, administration of Estates

Deeds drafting, registration, mortgage bonds and notarial bonds

Review of Administrative Action (Government, local authorities etc) and Government Contracts.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Insolvency(Bankruptcy) and Liquidations

Project Finance and International Investment

International Water Law issues

Public Procurement Issues and transactions

Our legal experience


Criminal defence

Obtained acquittal on self-defense for a client who had a misunderstanding with his junior first at the workplace and in presence of fellow workers but ended in a fatal scuffle in the absence of all. By not opting for the most intuitive defence of alibi (it was not me; I was not at the place of the crime) which if unsuccessful leaves no room for mitigation (extenuation).


Counsel at the trial court and on appeal for the government in one of the watermark cases on the right to be heard (Audi alteram partem rule) in Botswana in 1992.


Advised on possible private sector government procurement- anchored medicines production plant and oxygen project. Involved in measures aimed at ending discrimination against HIV and key population groups ending measures. Involved in projects meant to facilitate the ending of unjust treatment of sexual minorities like the LGBQI that was facilitated by the Ministry of Health..


Advised on water law issues his Career highlight was when he revisited and corrected legal advice on whether a tribal land grant holder needs the approval of the Water Apportionment Board to sink a borehole in the grant area.
Was a member of Technical Teams of 2 international river basins which amongst others drafted negotiated River Basin Commissions governing instruments

Mining and Energy


  • Advised on and facilitated the opening of the legislative window for mining companies to opt to be taxed either by Income Tax company rate or through a tax agreement.
  • Involved in preparatory work mine rehabilitation trust for a government partly-owned copper mine
  • Part of the government team that prepared bid documents and considered legal aspects of the transaction for the procurement of at least 3 possible coal and renewable power projects.
  • Involved in advising on the project finance negotiations for the above energy projects, including commercial and financial terms.
  • Involved in making the initial draft licence for the above IPP projects which served as the prototype of the next licences.
  • Rendered advice on tax implications of various mining and energy transactions.
  • Rendered advice on insurance law implications of the above energy projects, human resources, environmental issues, water issues, land rights issues, and land resettlement implications of mining and energy projects.
  • Rendered advises on insolvency, merger & acquisition implications of several mineral transactions