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Rabasha Golekanye Lawyers was established in July 2021 after the Director and founder Golekanye Gobuamang Rabasha retired from Government employment in February 2021

The firm is currently run as a sole practitioner firm but intends to expand and grow. Although the practice is new it is a “New Experience Endowed Firm”. Mr Golekanye Gobuamang Rabasha has 35 years post -admission deeply varied and extensive experience. His experience and knowledge traverses most areas of legal practice. He started as a prosecutor, then moved to Civil Cases at Government. He was in private practice between 1993 and 2004. Whilst in private practice he had stints as a part-time Magistrate. Between 2004 and 2021, he was employed as an in-house Counsel at two Government Ministries. From 2004 to 2016 he was at the then Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources and between 2016 and 2021 he was at the Ministry of Health.During 2004-2016, he advised on mining law issues, energy (inclusive of petroleum) and water law issues (inclusive of international water law). His exposure to mining and energy exposed him to high value business transactions, corporate law issues, liquidations and insolvencies, mergers and acquisitions and project financing. Energy exposure let him in to energy regulation and energy transactions (inclusive of bulk power transactions and power station transactions. Whilst his involvement in international water law made him some hydro diplomat.

His tail-end posting from to the Ministry of Health exposed him to health law issues generally and medical malpractice claims. His exposure to issues of HIV and key populations made him aware of the connection between human rights and health.

At both Ministries he dealt with cross-cutting important issues such as labour (employment issues, public procurement and government contracts). He was amongst other an instructing Attorney linking the Ministry and the litigation/prosecution departments of Attorney General’s Chambers. He was a member and legal advisor to the Ministerial Tender Committee of each Ministry. Mr Rabasha was a founding Board Member of the Botswana Oil and during this time underwent training in Corporate Governance. Mr Rabasha has undergone short courses in negotiations generally, WTO trade negotiations, corporate governance, project finance, foreign investment (investor-state) dispute settlement international water Law, and public procurement and disposal trainings; and infrastructure/ engineering contracts training

Due to his unique experience and passion for justice and the law, the firm is uniquely experienced and matured to provide a comprehensive spectrum of legal services.Mr Rabasha graduated from the University of Botswana (in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh) in 1986. In 1998 he obtained Masters (LLM) from the University of South Africa. He specialised in Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Legal Theory and International Private Law.Administrative Law  places him in good stead to more ably advise on and challenge actions/decisions of governmental authorities.Insurance law renders him more proficient in insurance and business law practitioner. International Private Law enables him more able to smoothly navigate cross-border matters. And Legal Theory module makes him better at understanding, articulating and prosecuting legal issues.

Rabasha Golekanye

The Founder and Manager

He has 35years of experience, he holds an LLB from the University of Botswana and an LLM from the University of South Africa. He has worked in most of the major legal practices. He has been a prosecutor, a civil litigator, a private practice attorney, and a part-time Magistrate. And before returning to private practice in 2021 he was an in-house Attorney. G.G is passionate about law and justice. He is driven by the motto “If you need, we will knead legal solutions” He strives for and is driven by a customer-centric attitude. He strives to focus beyond current perceived circumstances and beyond the signature line in agreements.

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